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The genus Selaginella, which encompasses numerous plants, includes several species grown as houseplants for their decorative foliage. They can form small moss-like pads or have an extremely branched appearance, with erect or creeping stems, on whose edges are tiny leaves, arranged in four rows, visible throughout the stem up to about 1 cm below its end. At the end of the stem, in the axil of fertile leaves, there are sporangia which contain spores. Although they are not ferns, selaginella resemble them in that they produce spores.


ASaddlela apoda it has creeping stems with a maximum length of 10 cm and light green leaves. This species forms a dense mat of moss-like foliage.




Light. Selaginellas do best in the shade. Expose them to medium light throughout the year.


Temperature. Normally warm ambient temperatures are appropriate. If kept in a warm and humid atmosphere, these plants have continuous growth. Poor humidity damages the tiny leaves of this plant, which dry out, curl and turn brown. To avoid this damage, spray with lukewarm water, at least once a day, the plants that are not in the controlled atmosphere of a terrarium. Never use cold water, which would damage the foliage.


Watering. Throughout the year water abundantly, as often as necessary, to keep the mixture completely moist, but never leave the vase in water.


Fertilizing. The selaginellas do not need a very strong fertilization. Apply a common liquid fertilizer at a quarter of the usual concentration every two weeks.


Bottling and repotting. Use a peat-based mixture to which one third of coarse sand has been added to provide good drainage. Low pots are the best containers for selaginella. Every spring move each plant into a larger container until it reaches the maximum convenient size (probably 16-20 cm). Then repot the plant every spring in a container of the same size previously cleaned and filled with a new mixture. The rapid growth of these plants, which spread very easily, can cause problems, but this growth can be controlled by judicious topping. If necessary. cut the equivalent of half the




Selaginella apoda

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  • Vase 8 cm | height 6 cm

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