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Selaginella martensii 'Jori'


Scientific name: selaginella

Popular names: Selaginella, Lucky Plant, Rose of Jericho.

Variety: Jori.

Family: Selaginellaceae.

Origin: Africa.

General: Selaginella is grown indoors. 

In Asian countries and in Jerusalem, Christians relate it as the lucky plant, in the Christian world (the rose of Jericho).

Characteristics: Perennial plant with small leaves, of various shapes that often give the plant a smooth and compact appearance.

Adult plant size: It can reach up to 30 cm in height.

Light: Shadow.

Temperature: They do not support frost.

Transplant: In the spring.

Ground: Fertile and well drained.

Irrigation: Selaginellas prefer a very humid environment and should be watered frequently, without soaking. 

Fertilizing: Every month, if it is grown in a pot, a liquid fertilizer for green plants is enough.

Pruning: Remove dry or damaged leaves.

Illnesses: They can have problems when they are grown in an unsuitable environment, excess light causes discoloration of the leaves, low humidity slows down the development of the plant and causes darkening of the leaves, which curl and become dry. Occasionally they may be attacked by aphids. Treat with aphidicides.

Selaginella martensii 'Jori'

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