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Siro Bonsai is a special substrate for planting and transplanting Bonsai. Its Japanese formula, with an emphasis on akadama clay and volcanic gravel, is specially adapted to the high demands of this type of plant, as well as to its cultivation practices - thus increasing its longevity.

It ensures a symbiosis between good water retention, good drainage and optimal aeration, thus ensuring a natural and controlled development of the Bonsai's root and aerial system.


It is enriched with a controlled and slow release fertilizer for up to 9 months.



NPK 16-11-10 (Longevity 9 months): 1 kg/m3


Additional information  

 Coco peat, Volcanic gravel, Siro Agro 1 (Pine bark humus - RAL certified), Akadama clay and Mineral fertilizer with controlled and slow release up to 9 months.

Physical-chemical characteristics: pH in CaCl2: 5.5-6.0
Conductivity: 60-100 µS/cm 
Granulometry: 0-15mm
Organic matter: > 50%


Packaging NP 12580




Siro Bonsai 5 L

SKU: P1559
1 Liter
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