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EAN: 5607226200129

Brand: Siro

Product Line: Hobby

Product Type: Specific

Packaging: 5 L / 20 L bag

Weight: 0.000 kg

Siro Cato is a special substrate for planting and transplanting Cacti and Succulents. Its formula rich in minerals, with a fine texture, offers plants that are sensitive to humidity, healthy conditions for development. Provides adequate drainage and aeration for this type of plants with such specific characteristics, enhancing their "strange" beauty.
Suitable for gardens like Rock Garden and Xerogardening. It is enriched with a controlled and slow release fertilizer for up to 9 months, with a specific formulation for this species of plant.

Composition: Siro Agro 1 (Pine bark humus - certified by the RAL), Sphagnum blonde peat, Quartz sand and Mineral fertilizer with controlled and slow release for up to 9 months.

Physical-Chemical Characteristics
pH in CaCl2: 5.0-6.0
Conductivity: 40-80 µS/cm
Granulometry 0-15mm
Organic Matter > 50%

mineral fertilization:
NPK 17-9-11 Longevity 9 months - 1.5 kg/m3

Available in the following packages:
5L bag
20L bag

Siro Cato

SKU: P1102
PriceFrom €2.45
  • 5 liter bag | 20 liter bag

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