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Siro Húmus de Minhoca is an organic corrective Vermicompost, a stabilized product obtained from a natural process - Vermicomposting, promoted by the digestion of organic matter from earthworms under controlled conditions. 

Composition: Vermicompost obtained from animal manure.

Product recommended for:
Vegetables, Orchards, Forestry, Vineyards and Gardening

Product advantages:
-Natural source of the nutrients necessary for balanced plant growth,
-Increases soil fertility and organic matter content. 
-Stimulates and promotes a good development of the roots (root system) and consequently a plant growth (aerial), healthy and balanced, promoting the natural flavor and coloration of its fruits (vegetables). 
-Optimizes the physical and biological structure of the soil, increasing plant resistance against pests and diseases.

Physical/chemical characteristics
Total nitrogen (N) - 1.1%
Total phosphorus (P2O5) - 0.8%
Total potassium (K2O) - 0.8%
Total calcium (CaO) - 10%
Total magnesium (MgO) - 2%
Sulfur (SO3) - 1%
Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio - 14
Humidity - 34%
Organic matter - 27%
pH - 7.3
Electrical conductivity - 3.5 mS/cm
Apparent density - 0.55 kg/dm3
Degree of maturation - degree V
Granulometry < 20mm
Anthropogenic inert materials 0%
Salmonella spp - absent in 25g
E.Coli - no. /g of fresh matter <1000
Total heavy metals - classification I - To be used in agriculture in general

"Product usable in organic farming, according to EC regulation 834/2007 and implementing rules"

Organic corrective with marketing authorization issued by the DGAE under Decree-Law 103/2015
DGAE Registration No. - 272/2017

Siro Húmus de Minhoca 11 L

SKU: P1816
1 Liter
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