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Brand: sir

Product line: Hobby

Product type: universal

Packaging: Bag  11 L | 50 L

Weight: 0,000 kg


Siro Universal is a universal substrate for planting and transplanting a wide range of outdoor plants, with the exception of plants that require an acidic pH.

It has a physical and chemical composition suitable for the healthy growth and development of plants. Enriched with controlled and slow release fertilizer for up to 3 months (capsulated nitrogen) and other nutrients with immediate release effects.


Composition: Forest humus, Sphagnum blond peat, Siro Agro 1 (pine bark humus - RAL certified), Siro Agro 2 (matured horse manure) and Mineral fertilizer up to 3 months (capsulated nitrogen).


Physical-chemical characteristicss

pH in CaCl2: 5.5-6.5

Conductivity: 150-250 µs/cm

Granulometry: 0-15mm

Organic matter: >60% 


mineral fertilization:

NPK 20-5-11 Longevity 3 months - 0.8 kg/m3

Siro Universal

SKU: 1203
PriceFrom €1.95
1 Liter
  • 11 Liters  |  50 Liters

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