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Streptocarpus 'Pretty Turtle'


plant characteristics

Rare and unusual indoor plant that will add style and interest to your environments.

Native to Africa and Madagascar, in the wild the species can be found growing on shady rocky slopes or cliffs, in the ground, in rock crevices and almost anywhere the seed can germinate and grow.

This ability to grow anywhere makes them ideal houseplants.

The Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle is a strong and beautiful compact plant.

The plant owes its name 'Pretty Turtle' to the exceptionally beautiful leaves, which resemble a turtle's carapace. They are slightly serrated and have a fleshy, succulent-like texture.

The colors of the Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle flow smoothly into each other. 

Due to all these special characteristics, the Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle attracts attention and adds atmosphere to your home due to its high decorative value.



The Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle is again available, but in 17cm pots.


care guide

This is a fairly easy to care for plant, suitable for beginners. 


Although the Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle is tolerant of low humidity, at home, they do best in a damp environment, such as a bathroom or warm kitchen away from drafts. 


This plant likes bright indirect light, a few hours of morning sun, but avoid direct sunlight at other times. 


Make sure the soil is moderately moist (never soggy). Don't water too much and don't water or spray the leaves. You can simply water over the top of the potting mix. 

They recover very well from dehydration, and this is one of the characteristics of the species, but they do not do well if they are watered in excess, 


You can fertilize occasionally in the irrigation water, every two weeks or so in spring and summer, so that the plant maintains its ornamental value for much longer.


This plant is non-toxic to humans and pets.


Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’

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