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Common name: Syzygium

Family: Myrtaceae

Origin: tropical regions


Characteristics: The vast majority are evergreen trees and shrubs, some of which may be deciduous.

Light green simple leaves and generally yellowish flowers.


Location: It needs a lot of light, being convenient to protect it from the hot summer sun. Although it can resist frost, it is better to shelter it from severe frost.


watering: Allow the surface of the soil to dry slightly between waterings, keeping an eye on it in summer so that it does not dry out.


Nutrition: From February to October/November, withfertile bonsai It isBio Bonsai, has high nutritional intakes, which is why it thanks reinforcements with "Iron Bonsai" and "Micro Bonsai".


Transplant: It should be transplanted every three years, in early spring.


pruning: Can be done in early spring.


Transplant: With Bonsai mix In February/March, when sprouting begins, carry out a formation pruning together with the transplant to balance the plant's water supply.


Wiring: Can be wired in late winter early spring. Given the difficulty in wiring between the leaves, sometimes it becomes necessary to partially defoliate for the wire to pass through.

Syzigium 9 anos

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