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Tillandsia Butzii is a great looking plant, distinguished among the Tillandsia species by its wonderful, whimsical shape and mottled/speckled leaves. This unique plant has a beautiful carmine colored inflorescence.

Tillandsia Butziis are shipped from Central America to Holland before the flowering phase begins. The cultivation process continues at Corsa Plants main site in De Lier.


Tillandsia Butzii is native to locations between southern Mexico and Panama. This particular species lives at altitudes of 1,000 to 2,300 meters, especially in open areas. This plant prefers wetter and cooler conditions. On average Tillandsia Butzii will grow up to 18cm tall and Corsa Plant can provide you with beautiful pieces of this size.

This air plant likes to be sprayed regularly (once a week), preferably with ourAir Plants care spray!

Tillandsia Butzii

SKU: P2232
PriceFrom €0.50
  • – medium 12 x 6 cm

    – large 20 x 8 cm

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