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Tillandsia Circinata is an air plant that looks a bit like Tillandsia Caput Medusae. This particular air plant has firm, curly green leaves with a little gray "fuzz", also known as trichomes. Tillandsia Circinata mainly has slightly less trichomes compared to Caput Medusae. With the trichomes, the plant is able to extract nutrients from the air.


This hardy species of Tillandsia likes a bright spot, but doesn't like direct sunlight, as the plant's leaves can burn in that case. Also, this air plant likes to be lightly sprayed with regular water or, preferably, ourair plant spray.


Tillandsia Circinata comes in sizes of approximately 12 centimeters, but remember that every air plant is different and therefore may differ from the picture.

Tillandsia Circinata

SKU: P1856
  • – 12 x 6 cm

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