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Tillandsia Juncea is a relatively long and narrow species within the Tillandsia family. With its fine green leaves and a height of 25 to 40 centimetres, Tillandsia Juncea is very suitable for tall vases and decoration.

This plant can flower well below average care, and will grow a beautiful, powerful purplish center flower.

Generally, Juncea grows and flowers relatively slowly when compared to other Tillandsia species. Sometimes it takes almost a year before the unbloomed flower completely ceases to bloom.


Tillandsia juncea is native to Central America, Mexico and parts of South America. Since the flowering phase is a long process with this plant, this species is often brought to the Netherlands before, but also during, the flowering phase. Here, the cultivation process is further processed at the Corsa factory location in De Lier.

Tillandsia Juncea

SKU: P1860
PriceFrom €5.90
  • Medium – 25 x 8 cm
    Large – 40 x 15 cm

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