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Tillandsia Lepidosepala is a very rare epiphytic species, native to Mexico, where it usually grows and develops on rocks, although it can also be found on the bark of large trees.


Its natural habitat is at latitudes ranging from 2,000 to 2,500 meters above sea level.


Usually a small plant with a short stem and triangular leaves that are slightly curved at the ends, covered by a notable amount of trichomes that give it a beautiful silvery sheen.


It produces an impressive central floral rosette, sometimes flat, of a very striking yellow color that contrasts perfectly with its green tubular flowers, unique in the world of Tillandsias.


It needs generous sun exposure, preferring places with low to moderate humidity and good ventilation.


Tillandsia Lepidosepala

SKU: P1863
  • – 6 x 10 cm

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