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Tillandsia Magnusiana is a gentle species and perhaps the greyest of the epiphyte family. With its many fine, spherical-looking hairy leaves, Magnusiana is unique in its kind.

Because of the flatter bottom and the leaves that keep the plant balanced, Tillandsia Magnusiana is easy to place steadily and therefore very easy to use in various decorations.


Tillandsia Magnusiana only grows in a limited number of countries in the wild. As it grows in southern and western Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Corsa also grows this species of Tillandsia on its farms in Central America and ships the Tillandsia Magnusianas to Holland before the plant begins its flowering phase.


This air plant likes to be lightly sprayed with regular water or, preferably, our air plant spray.

Tillandsia Magnusiana

SKU: P1864
  • – 8 x 10 cm

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