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Tillandsia Melanocrater is a unique species that occurs in many colors. The pointed leaves of this plant can differ from yellow-green to red. Like all other types of Tillandsia, Melanocrater descends from the bromeliad family.

Tillandsia Melanocrater is somewhat similar to Tillandsia juncea if you look at the pointed leaves and thin shape they both have. However, the Melanocrater is usually much smaller.


Tillandsia Melanocrater is native to Central America and Mexico.

From the heart of the plant, a flower comes out with a beautiful color that  can range from red, to pink or purplish.

However, Corsa brings Tillandsia Melanocrater to Holland before the flowering stage takes place.

At the main site in De Lier, cultivation will continue, and today the Corsa plant can produce wonderful Tillandsia Melanocrater about 18 centimeters!


This plant likes to be sprayed once or twice a week (depending on humidity), preferably with ourair plant care spray.

Tillandsia Melanocrater green

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  • Medium – 12 x 6 cm
    Large – 15 x 10 cm

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