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The Tillandsia Schiedeana clumb is native to semi-arid areas of Mexico, Central America, Venezuela and Colombia. 

At altitudes of 200 to 1,700 meters, this aerial plant grows in open tropical forests in both cacti and burseras. 


Tillandsia Schiedeana is named after collector/botanist Christian Julius Wilhelm Schiede. '. 

During the flowering period of this air plant, a large flower-shaped branch will develop and produce red/yellow flowers.


The Tillandsia Schiedeana group prefers a bright and sunny environment. In addition, care is very easy. With a spray of water (from the tap) 1 to 2x a week or preferably with our air plant care spray , this plant will certainly be pleased.

Tillandsia Schiedeana clumb

SKU: P2616
  • Size: 10x12 cm

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