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Tillandsia Stricta is native to Venezuela, Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, northern Argentina, growing both on the sands of beach dunes and on trees. This aerial plant is a kind of perennial tillandsia, which forms clumps and has a short stem, with leaves arranged in thick rosettes.

Tillandsia stricta can differ from soft leaf specimens to much harder and more rigid types and different colored forms from light green leaves to silver leaves. Therefore, not every ordered Stricta plant is the same as the one in the photo.

Each air plant is unique in its own way. In its flowering stage, this aerial plant can produce bright spikes of pink or red with blue flowers.


Tillandsia Stricta likes to be lightly sprayed with water, or preferably with our Air Plant Care Spray.


This plant can be perfectly used in wedding bouquets, flower arrangements and other green decorative purposes.

This very particular aerial plant species comes with a diameter of about 8 centimeters.

Tillandsia Stricta

SKU: P2238
  • – 6 x 10 cm

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