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Vine Napoleon

Table Grape Varieties


  • Black seeded table grape variety of great interest as a late black table grape.
  • Large bunches and berries with an elongated elliptical shape.
  • The grape is highly resistant to handling, cold storage and transport.



Napoleon is also known as: Imperial, black Almeria, black Murciana, black Aledo, black Don Mariano, black ohanes, black Ovan. 



  • Large, of medium compactness, with a peduncle of medium length and with low lignification of the peduncle.
  • Conical or pyramidal in shape, sometimes winged. 



  • Black-bluish-violet in color.
  • Large in size, elliptical elongated, with circular section.
  • Medium to large caliber between 20-22 mm.
  • Mole colored skin, except for sun-exposed curls.
  • Thick and with a medium level of decay, although this level can be high. 
  • Flesh soft, discolored, juicy and very vascularized, without specific flavors or aromas.
  • With pedicel of medium size. With a large calyx and very difficult to remove.
  • With very lignified and long seeds. 



  • Grape variety of medium-high vigour, with an upright bearing and medium-low fertility, but with high productivity due to its large bunches.
  • It has many marketable bunches.
  • Fertility: Average.
  • Production: Very tall.
  • Force: Medium-High.



The indicated dates may vary depending on the growing area.

  • Station: Too late.
  • Budding Date: March 23rd.
  • Flowering Date: May 10th.
  • Coloring Date: August 29th.
  • Maturation Date: September 30th.
  • Fall date of leaf: December 8th.
  • Harvest date:From October to the beginning of January.


Cultural skills and adaptation to the viticultural environment.

  • It adapts well to driving in vineyards with medium pruning.
  • It presents problems of color uniformity that are solved with practices such as defoliation to increase sun exposure.
  • The grape is highly resistant to manipulation, cold storage and transport.
  • Variety sensitive to cracking.
  • It is of great interest as a late table grape.

Videira Pé Alto Napoleon

SKU: P0047
  • -Height 2.00/3.00m V 40cm

    -In Arbor

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