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Brief Description 

  • Red Globe has great visual appeal due to its size and color.
  • Very showy violet red color.
  • Very large spherical berries.
  • Much appreciated by consumers for fresh consumption.


Detailed Description


The Red Globe variety was obtained by H.P. Olmo and A. Koyama in Davis (California).


  • Your curls are very large.
  • Medium compactness.
  • Cuneiform shape.


  • Very large size, globose ellipsoidal shape.
  • Thick and consistent skin, violet red color, very showy and attractive.
  • Fleshy pulp with a slightly fruity flavor, with seeds.

Red Globe Phenology:

  • The Red Globe variety has medium budding (late February-early March)
  • Medium ripening (second half of August-early September).

Agricultural and organoleptic skills:

  • Productive and vigorous.
  • It adapts well to bilateral cord pruning.
  • It works well in hot climates.
  • The Red Globe variety has great visual appeal due to its size and color, which makes it highly appreciated in the table grape market.
  • It shows good behavior for conservation and transport.
  • Sometimes, with high productions, Red Globe has coloring problems.

Videira Red Globe

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