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Latin name: coruta viola

Common name: Perfect love

Location: Balcony, terrace or garden.

flower color: Available in Various colors

Leaf color: Green

Flowering: january to may

Ground:    Fertilized garden soil

Exhibition:    Part shade or full sun

Watering: Regularly. Allowing the soil to become slightly damp between waterings.



Viola can be placed anywhere, in any environment or any type of soil, they originally come from areas with temperate climates.


Features and care

Violas are hardy perennial species. Preferably they should be placed in a place with sun or partial shade. For better flowering they should be fertilized with a fertilizer forflowering plants as indicated by the producer. By regularly removing dead flowers you ensure that the plant's energy is directed towards the new flowers.

Viola cornuta Mix

SKU: P0012
  • vase 10.5 cm  |  Height 15cm

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