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Botanical Name: Vriesea Splenriet

Common Names: Flaming sword

Description: Vrieseas are very popular for their spectacular and long-lasting floral escapes. Vrieseas that do not produce showy floral escapes usually have interesting bracts. It is rare for a Vriesea to have unique foliage and a distinct flower spike.



Light:Bromeliads like bright light, but prolonged periods of direct sunlight can damage the plants. Ideally, you should place your Bromeliad in a place where it receives medium to bright light.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Water: Bromeliads have a central urn that can hold water. You must keep it with water. Bromeliads do not need soil watering as long as the urn has water in it. It is important that the water remains fresh  so as not to let it stagnate. You should empty the water and refresh it every week.

Humidity: High  

Temperature: Bromeliads can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, ranging from 13° to 30°C.

Difficulty level: Easy

Vriesea 'Splenriet'

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