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Santa Rosa Plum


(Prunus salicina L.)

Description There are two major groups of plum trees: Asian-European (Prunus domestica L.) and Japanese or American (Prunus salicina L.).

Prunus domestica L. originated in the region extending to the Caucasus, Persia and Anatolia.

The plum tree adapts to a wide range of soils due to the high number of rootstocks that can be used.

The deep, well-drained and permeable sandy loam soils, which have a slightly alkaline or neutral pH are those that most favor the good development of the crop.

Temperate climates are the most conducive to the plum tree, although it grows in good conditions in regions with a Mediterranean climate.

The crop needs hours of cold to break the vegetative dormancy, but the temperature conditions the period of flowering, pollination, fertilization and fruit setting, and should not be too low in these phases of the vegetative cycle. 


Plum Santa Rosa has the following main characteristics:


Color – The color of the epidermis is violet-red in full maturation. 

Aroma and Flavor – The pulp is pink, firm, juicy and very fragrant.

Form – It has a large caliber and a slightly oblong shape.

Harvest – The fruits are harvested during the 2nd half of June and the 1st half of July


Trees: Shows good vigour, very open bearing. It is partially self-fertile.

Compass: 5x3 m



Flowering: Medium – Early



Pruning: The plum tree bears fruit on wood from the previous year (1 year old), on verdascas and straight spurs (with terminal leaf buds and very short internodes). The latter are very short fruit branches in which fruiting is maintained over a few years.

This pruning consists mainly of renovation – rejuvenating aged branched spurs and suppressing some spurs.

 Production pruning is carried out at the end of summer or before budbreak. 

In plum trees, green pruning (spring - summer) is preferable to winter pruning for phytosanitary reasons.   


Phytosanitary Treatments: The treatments should be aimed at controlling pests and diseases that may appear in the orchard.   



Ameixeira Santa Rosa

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