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Originally from the East, the first Camellias arrived in Galicia (Spain) in the 17th century from Portugal. The Atlantic coast of northern Portugal and northwest Spain, due to its temperate and humid climate and acidic and fertile soils, has excellent conditions for optimal development, even of delicate species.


There are more than 30,000 different varieties, depending on the size, shape, color, margin of their flowers, petals and leaves.



Its flowering period is between September and April. Contrary to what happens with other garden plants, the flowering of the camellia is staggered over time, although the rigors of winter or its extreme mildness delay or advance the flowering times. Flowering time is a genetic factor, as well as resistance to cold. Some camellias stand out for their early flowering, such as Camellia sasanquas.



 Ideal for gardens or terraces, they are resistant to frost if they are protected during the first years, partially shaded, avoiding direct exposure to the sun during the main hours of the day.fertilize in the spring. After flowering, prune them lightly. To useacid earth, pH 4.5-5.5.


Camellia japonica

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