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Common Name:        litchi

Variety:               mauricio

Scientific name:      Litchi chinensis Sonn

Botanical family:     Sapindaceae


Tree native to the province of Guangzhou, in the subtropical zone of southern China, although some authors also point to North Vietnam as the original center. It is a subtropical and tropical species, and can grow in regions with a Mediterranean climate.


This tree reaches 10-12 meters in the tropics and has a thick, straight trunk. The branches tend to have a small angle of insertion, a characteristic that makes it fragile, making it necessary to apply adequate formation pruning to provide a more solid structure. The leaves are alternate, have several leaflets and are glossy dark green in the bundle and matte on the underside; The young foliage has a beautiful reddish-bronze color. The flowers appear in panicles, they are white-green or yellowish, with small sepals.


The fruits are drupes of about 2.5 to 4 cm in diameter, ovoid, hanging in bunches. Thin skin, more or less hard, dark or light red, with angular protuberances. The pulp of this fruit is white, translucent, juicy, sweet, although with a touch of acidity, it exudes a genuine aroma and is easily separated from the seed; the latter varies in size depending on the variety, it is dark brown and oblong-elliptical in shape. This The fruit has a very exotic flavor and is different from other fruits, it is worth consuming it fresh, in jellies, syrups, fruit salads, etc.


The lychee tree withstands light frosts without damage. The most suitable soils are sandy-loam, deep and rich in nutrients. This species grows in acidic or calcareous soils. The contributions of water and nutrients are necessary for good fruiting.


It is a tree that could have commercial interests, but could also be used perfectly as plant gardens and orchards because of its size (in subtropical regions), elegant bearing and glossy dark green foliage. The lychee is an exquisite fruit and very exotic, waiting  to be discovered.


Litchi Mauricio

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  • Vase 6L - Height 80 cm

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