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Tillandsia is available in various shades of pink, orange and red. The leaves of most Tillandsia species are narrow and tapered. Most Tillandsias have almost no roots because they originally grow on trees or rocks and don't like a lot of water.


Name: Tillandsia


Source: From the tropical regions of Central and South America.


Light: Light to very bright, never direct sunlight.


Ideal temperature: 16-21 ° C


Watering: 1 x per week


Fertilization: Not required




Place the Tillandsia in a well-lit place in the house, where the midday sun is avoided. Water this plant in the calyx, this is the heart of the plant from which the flower grows. The plant feeds on that heart. As soon as the water is no longer visible, it must be topped up.


Good to know


The leaves of most Tillandsia species are narrow and tapering. The varieties with thicker, grayer leaves originate from the arid regions of South and Central America. These strains are very strong and survive with very little moisture.

Tillandsia cyanea 'Anita'

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  • Vase 8 cm | height 25 cm

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