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Moscatel de Hamburg or Moscatel Negro variety. 


Short description:

  • It matures gradually, which allows us to enjoy fresh grapes for longer.
  • Large bunches and also large berries.
  • Grape with a delicate flavor, highly valued by consumers in the European market.


Muscat plants from Hamburg. Datasheet.


Hamburg muscatel is also known as black muscat.

It is a dark violet red variety with a very good muscat flavor. Much appreciated among European grape pickers.


  • Large in size, medium compactness.
  • With a short, non-lignified peduncle, intense green in color.
  • With berries of homogeneous size, but relatively heterogeneous coloring, due to the typical climbing maturation of this variety.


  • Large, rounded, ellipsoidal, with a circular section.
  • Difficult to detach from its pedicel.
  • Very dark violet red skin, bluish black. Thick with a lot of pruine.
  • Very juicy soft pulp, with the characteristic flavor and aroma of Muscat.
  • Medium skin thickness.


  • Medium to high vigor, good production.
  • De-blowing, flowering and mid-season maturation.
  • It has a medium budding (mid-March) and a medium maturation, at the end of August or beginning of September.

Agricultural characteristics and organoleptic qualities:

  • Little sensitive to gray rot.
  • It adapts well to viticultural practices in vineyards, with short and long pruning. It is essential to stake, park or drive on espaliers.
  • Thanks to soils of medium fertility to obtain a good coloration.
  • Grape with a delicate flavor, appreciated in the European market.
  • The Moscatel of Hamburg has good aptitude for transport.


Videira Moscatel de Hamburgo

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